this seems interesting.

Tell me in an anonymous post:
1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note. It doesn't have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. And a hint to who you are

Do it bitches!

Soundtrack to my life. =]

I got this from Lizzy's myspace post. It's taken me a while. But I've sort of come up with a semi decent list of songs that feel right.

Soundtrack To My Life

Opening Credits: The Ataris- In this Diary

Waking Up Scene: Fall Out Boy-Saturday

Car Driving Scene: Fall Out Boy-Dance Dance

High School Flashback Scene: Fall Out Boy-Dance Dance

Nostalgic Scene: Incubus-Miss you, Green Day-Time of Your Life

Bitter, Angry Scene: Taking Back Sunday-MakeDamnSure

Break-up Scene: Three Days Grace-I hate Everything About You

Regret Scene: The Used-Blue and Yellow

Nightclub/Bar Scene: Benny Benassi-Satisfaction

Fight/Action Scene: Bloc Party-Price of Gas

Lawn Mowing Scene: Wheatus-Teenage Dirtbag

Sad, breakdown scene: Incubus-Pardon Me, Avril Lavigne-Losing Grip

Death Scene: Thrice-Red Sky

Funeral Scene: Sarah McLaughlin-I Will Remember You

Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene: Zero 7-In the Waiting Line

Dreaming About Someone Scene: Goo Goo Dolls-Iris

Sex Scene: The Cult-Painted on my Heart

Contemplation Scene: Avril Lavigne-Tomorrow, Incubus-Drive

Chase Scene: Coheed and Cambria-Ten Speed (of God’s Blood and Burial)

Happy Love Scene: Travis-Love Will Come Through, The Cure-Melt With You

Happy Friend Scene: The Rembrandts-I’ll Be There For you

Miscellaneous Scene: Incubus-Stellar

Goodbye Scene: Eve 6-Here’s to the Night

Closing Credits: Imogen-Hallelujah

so this is my senior goodbye.

Okay, I told Lizzy I was going to write one of these, but now I'm tired. It's late and I just got home. So let's see how this goes.

Thank you all, thank you, cause all of you have had an effect on me, all of you darling children has in some way influenced me and shaped me to who I am now.

My freshman year I walked into Braddock, and was immediately intimidated. everyone was so much bigger, the school seemed so big. i remember that morning, i spent it with Melissa Tovar and Paula =).

I remember i was sad, cause my best friends had left to other schools. i was devastated because i had been rejected by coral reef. wow, now i look back on that and i feel so happy.

i met new people, and made new friends, and got closer to others. i moved away from the close knit paul bell group and gravitated towards the WR kids. i had a super crush on Chino. ew. lol
although, i still kept my best friends close to me, and to this day, Ivania and Ashley are still in the deepest corners of my heart.

sooo... i dont have much to say, but im going to make a few, maybe more than a few personal statements.

Jessica- "Jessica! I'm gonna marry you". lol, that shows how much time i spend with you. i know back in middle school you could now stand me. remmeber? MIKK, yeah lol real mature. but that passed and now we are inseparable. i'm sure we are going to keep in touch. i need you and you need me. we have so many stories, lol... when we have children and grandkids, we have so many stories man. lol my high school years definitely would not have been the same without you. you're so crazy, you grow the cojones for me. we've made it through some pretty crazy obstacles this past year. sooo remember, my toilet is your toilet, my bed is your bed. my away messages are your away messages. lol remmeber you read my mind. =)

Ivania- its been 9 years? in that time, i've shared a lifetime with you. you remain the one person that has until now been there for me forever. wow, shit i just remembered you're leaving in like a month. and now im crying. yay for cry babies. i got a cell phone, so you know 3 am phone calls! lol. some time on the phone with kevin? you're going to have such a great time up in FSU, enjoy it, take care of yourself, be safe. work hard, party harder.... but in the end, always remember that you have a friend in me for life. you're basically my sister. and im here for you until the end of days.

Ashley- how much drama has there been between us? tooo much. but it makes me smile, cause ours is a lasting relationship. you are one of the stable ones in my life. you are the person i can talk to the least and feel connected to the most. no matter what happens, no matter where life takes us im yours! and you're mine. AShley "Nichole" Martin, baby girl just know that i love you. for ever and ever and ever.

Denise- my ADD friend. one of these days, you and I, are gonna go down to a psychiatrist, check ourselves out, and then i will prove to you the massive case of OCD you have. you are truly a unique character, no matter what you say, you are one weird girl. like i wrote in your yearbook, you and i became close in a really short span of time. i consider you one of my best friends, and i love it cause you understand me. you are most likely to complete my sentences... not yet, but soon. you always manage to listen to me when im crying about something. our hours in drama, 4th period were among the best, cause i would unwind with you. everythng i was feeling i could tell you. and i know i joke about your bug butt, but its oonly cause i dont have it. lol

Chino- mi chinese colombian boy. our relationship has gone through some sporadic changes, thats probably the one thing about senior year that has bothered me the most. in the end though, we always manage to some how end on the same page, and i always feel that connection with you. i dont know if you feel it or not, but i do. i can look at you and some how manage to work out what it is you are thinking. i know you like i know the back of my hand. you're going to do many things in life, you're going to change the world and i know it. my favorite times with you are back in gonzales's class. you made that class so worth it. You're leaving me too, have fun in UF. you'll be missed... and i think saying goodbye to you will be the hardest.

Paula- you're such a kind hearted individual. you keep me on my feet. i know this year has been pretty weird. and like i've said. I'm sorry for everything that has happened, the misunderstandings, the misgivings, etc. but, just know that i trust you, and i hope you trust me too. you don't know how many times you have brightened up my day. you know all the things that have happened this year, and you've almost always have been there. you are going to be so successful.

Lizzy- wow Lizzy, its too bad i only got close to you this past year. im very regretful towards that. I need more people like you in my life. You're so real, you bring me back down to reality and tell me things i need to hear but refuse to believe. getting close to you has helped me through all the shit that happened this year. thank you for letting me know when i am wrong. thank you for telling me how it is, when it is, and when it should be. i love you, you little girl!

Janelis- definitely, when we go out, you have to do something crazy. u cant walk away from us like its all good in the hood cause its not. be a little chusma, you live better. i love you! and you've been there since, 9th.. well i've known you since 6th, but we got close at the beginning of high school. having you in team sports/gifted, made it all that more enjoyable, or atleast bearable.

Claudia- you are such a sweetheart. i'm so happy i met you, and we arent that close, but i know with time we'll grow closer. we still have to conquer My Chem. lol. i never told you this, but knowing you'll stay in Miami, makes me feel a it good, cause i really don't want to lose touch with you. Thank you for my Jack drawing, its on my wall as we speak.

Natalia- la ref. Mi Colombianita friend, mi parce. mi paisana. another one i got close to, too late. party it up at UM, maybe one day you can get a dorm lol. i am here for you now, always and forever. one of these days, nos vamos para Medellin, para pasarlo bueno y de rumbia todo la noche mija. con el guaro y el ron. lol i look forward to many parties with you.

Everyone else, i love you all. Eric, you were so quiet, what happened? lol you have these awesome random comments to make, i love it. you also spoil me! who will play with my hair now? Jonathan, i'm sorry, but if i had to, i would throw pizza at you again. you sill say some really obnoxious things, but i've come to terms with it, and i realize its who you are. Edgar, you're so weird. and there are sometimes when i like you and times when im just like wtf? i cant believe him. but alot of the time, its hard not to like you. Abel, I'm just sorry i had such a massive amount of "non-Abel days". take care in Virginia. you're such a hard worker, and a good person. you're a bit nutso, but it helps you attain what it is you want. Victor, you do well and i like that. ill be stopping by your house randomly =P. i know you hate this subject very much, but enjoy life. we only live once. Ailyn, i hate having to spell your name, it always stumps me. you're are such a funny girl, yes, i will even miss your nasty ass commentaries on your sex life. lol. Nikki ooooh, you're so mean. lol i love you. Carlitos, you are like the cutest boy in the world. you are so thoughtful and i love it. everytime i see you, you bring a smile to my face. Maria, you are so crazy, i know i will have many adventures with you. keep singing, one day i will turn on the radio/tv/w.e crazy stuff technology brings us and i will hear your beautiful voice. Craigster! what a beautiful person you are. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Nick, I'm not dumb, dont think i forgot about your broken promises. you waste! i wanted those massages. =( Oscar, you're so crazy. i really liked having you on the bus, because of you i survived! you've grown so different from the boy we all loved to hate back in middle school. i mean can you blame us? you'd kill us off in your crazy stories, among the memories, i always remember this from your essay back in browns class... "smother ourselves with our sweater". lol how random.

There are so many people I haven't said anything about. i love you tooo.

to my junior friends, braddock may be one big bitch right now, but enjoy your time there. be optimistic.
make your senior year among the best. you only have it once, mine was a bit overrated, but now that i look back on it. i'm okay with it.

these are the best days of our lives, right???

i also want to thank my teachers. the few of you that cared about me.

Mr. Anthony Reid, with the utmost certainty i can sit here and let the world know, that there will never ever ever be a teacher like you in my life ever again. you became kind of like a dad/brother to me. im so thankful i had the opportuniy to be your pupil. if you ever leave Miami, i will look for you. you;re so caring, and your advice is so meaningful to me. you make me smile, faster than any one else does.

Jack- how scary are you!?!?! but only because you care. that makes all your bitching worthwile. thank you for letting me into your drama program. high school before you had been just a blur of faces, with the exception of a few educators... you brought back the feelings i used to have in Reid's class. i will be back to visit you, and i will go to every drama performance this coming year. thank you for believing in me, and pushing me to perform. thank you.

Hacky- you're another weird one. i loved freshman year in your class, and junior year was even better. i'll never forget keving tying up your squirrel to the flag pole. Thank you for always lending an ear, and thank you for all the times i walked into your class for one reason or another, whether it was for a college recommendation, to keep us from getting introuble with security, or to just get away from it. thank you for always giving us a haven of some sorts, even though it was continuously roudy and loud.

with this children i leave you, for the warm comforts of my bed. again, if i missed you im terribly sorry. if im up to it, ill update again. add on to to it. so everyone wake up on time tomorrow, and i'll see you all in your cap and gowns tomorrow. we've made it, and life is about to change. it still seems so surreal.

PS. Thank you Mom and Dad, for working with such a difficult daughter, everytime i worked i've done it in your name, and i your honor. i just want to make you proud. and i hope, i have.

Taty- didnt think it was going to mention you, huh. Thank you for leaving New York. i dont remember how i got a long without you before. seriously, you have kept me sane and you know it. i love you.

Goodbye Chongas. Goodbye Braddock. Farewell Seniors

Seniors 2006

keep it real. lets party tomorrow.